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Are you a graduate? We offer great opportunity for graduates.


Are you looking to start your Bachelor Thesis? Solve a challenging real-world problem and add 3 months of valuable experience to your vita, still within your study program. The road to a successful career could be fun and rewarding if you play your cards well.

Nebiz his offering you a real chance to jump-start your career in software development. Interns in our Corporate Thesis Program, as well as employees with full-time contracts, have a unique opportunity to do their thesis at one of our client companies. This offers you some double-advantages:

  • an opportunity to directly work with our client companies and get a first-hand experience in working on real projects
  • get paid for their commitment per month
  • get 2 job experiences on CV in one go

Candidates that decide to prepare their Bachelor Thesis with Nebiz Corporate Thesis Program get an invaluable experience with working on real-life problems and projects. You can choose from existing thesis topics selected by our clients and work on your graduation thesis as part of your project.

We also qualify the students during the program and outstanding thesis candidates are pre-selected for full-time employment positions.

One-third of our full-time employees have been already recruited through our Internship/Corporate Thesis Program and they are now an integral part of our in-house development team or they work for our clients.

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