Android App Engineering Internship – Skopje

The goal of this Internship is to help you equip yourselves with skills that will give you a head-start in programming advanced Android apps. You will have the opportunity to be exposed to App architectures, including:

  • Android Studio Development Environment
  • Material Design and Usability Frameworks
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous web-services for OXID, Shopware and Magento shop-systems

As an Intern

You will have the opportunity to..

  • Learn to build delightful mobile products for business users.
  • Have learnt the product-life-cycle of launching and servicing mobile Apps.
  • Be exposed to relatively complex application-architectures and subsequently map mobile extensions for the same.
  • Analyse problems and device solutions quickly.
  • Work with a mentor who guides you in the right direction, without spoon-feeding.
  • Thrive autonomously.

Your Challenge

  • Break down the complexity of systems in your mind, and “connect the dots”.
  • Overcome technical problems, to produce small and medium-sized features.
  • Explain problems & solutions to others (colleagues, customers)

What we expect from you

  • Positive attitude, that “every technical problem has a solution”.
  • Dedication.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Multi-tasking, to get exposed to various company activities.

At the end of your Internship..

You will..

  • Be responsible for creating weekly releases for Apps you are working on.
  • Work autonomously as well as be a part of small distributed development teams for specific projects.
  • Become a technical expert in developing Android apps.
  • Have developed an astute sense for writing quality code.

About NEBIZ®

.. the E-Commerce Company

Based in Germany, with offices in Macedonia, NEBIZ® is a software services-company, specialised in the German E-Commerce frameworks OXID E-Shop, and Shopware, and the Belgian Enterprise Opensource ERP framework odoo.

We strive to provide high quality digital solutions to our customers in Germany and Switzerland, packaged in pleasant, sustainable and profitable customer relationships.

Our international team works across cultures, offering all our employees an enriching 21st century professional experience.

Application Information

  • Please send your Application/CV to
  • Interviews will be held at NEBIZ® office in Skopje Centar or video-call on Google-Hangouts
  • We accept applications throughout the year.
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Tel. +49-711-7947-2394 Email.

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Über uns

NEBIZ® ist Ihr Partner für die Entwicklung erfolgreicher e-Commerce Lösungen. Wir liefern Ihnen leistungsfähige Technik und sinnvolle Beratung, damit Sie sich ganz auf Ihr Kerngeschäft konzentrieren können.

Neben unserem Umsetzung- und Programmierung-Know-how stehen wir Ihnen mit Online Marketing zur Seite.