How to Remove Dead Links from Google Search Index

There are situations you come across when managing a website when you need to have a large number of non-working links. The first option you have is to remove the links one by one in your Google Search Console. However, this action can be really tedious especially if you have to remove several dozens or even hundreds of dead links from your site.

There is another option in your Search Console that allows you to temporarily remove a page or site URL for 90 days.

This is how to do it:

1. First, log into your Google Search Console and select the desired property.

2. In the left-hand navigation bar click the “Google Index”.

3. Click on “Remove URLs” from the sub-menu.

4. When you are inside, click on the “Temporary hide”.

5. This will open a field which requires you to enter the relative path of the page you want to remove or the URL of the whole site.

6. If you want to remove just a single page, you enter the URL extension of the page.

7. On the other hand, if you want to remove a whole site, you leave this field empty and click on the button “Continue”.

8. This step will lead you to a screen which displays the name and URL of the site to be removed, information about what will happen once you submit the request for removal and suggestions for further steps about how to permanently remove a page or site from Google Search results.

9. To verify your request, click on the button “Submit Request”. This action will return you to the previous screen where you can see your removal request and the appropriate site or page to be removed.

According to Support Google, the request can take up to a day to be processed and there is no guarantee it will be approved. You also have the option to cancel the removal at any time.

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