Nebiz™ Moved to New Offices – Our Team Is Growing

We are proud to announce that our Nebiz family is growing. We are expanding our team and since we are too many to fit in our old offices, we are moving to a new, bigger one.

We were only 3 when we started. Over the years, we added new extensions to our team. We have been developing our services and adding new ones in order to provide the best possible solutions to our loyal clients.

Nebiz™ was first founded in Skopje in August 2016. We started small, and step by step, we grew our team in Skopje and opened an office in Kavadarci in March this year.

With our services, we’ve been helping our clients with OXID and Shopware programming, developing a centralized management system for their e-commerce stores with our omnichannel connectors, and most recently providing digital marketing services for their webshops. Our satisfied long-lasting clients are a proof of the quality of our services.

None of this would have been possible to achieve without our dedicated team of professionals. We are proud to have you onboard and we are looking forward to many upcoming anniversaries and events together.

Take a look at the atmosphere from our new office opening party:

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Industriestraße 24b D-70565 Stuttgart – Deutschland

Tel. +49-711-7947-2394 Email.

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Über uns

NEBIZ® ist Ihr Partner für die Entwicklung erfolgreicher e-Commerce Lösungen. Wir liefern Ihnen leistungsfähige Technik und sinnvolle Beratung, damit Sie sich ganz auf Ihr Kerngeschäft konzentrieren können.

Neben unserem Umsetzung- und Programmierung-Know-how stehen wir Ihnen mit Online Marketing zur Seite.