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Each of us has been at a certain point in their life where we should choose the right career direction and think about it as a more serious topic. So the question is, why is NEBIZ the right call for you?

Well, consider this: the best companies differ from the good ones with their openness, the opportunity for personal growth and last but not least, corporate culture. We in NEBIZ IT believe that these are defining characteristics of our corporate family. In line with this, on 11.12.2019 NEBIZ IT opened the doors for young talented students. We chose Legend Pub to be our spot for this informal meeting, where the present could grab a slice of pizza and drink some beer (or soft drinks :)) and get to know a little more about what separates us from the rest. Our developers presented their work and afterward, the students had the chance to see the offices of the company. There were many questions from the students which were answered in detail by the employees. And this is one way how we open to the public.

Through this event and with the presentations we wanted to show that our company is the right place for opportunities for personal and professional growth. Presenting the work of the company is a tool that can motivate the students and show them they could be a part of building our products or making our projects.
That is a two-way street! What you give, you receive! A person gives knowledge and receives even more knowledge. It is a win-win situation.


A m b i t i o u s 

C u s t o m e r  F o c u s e d 

C r e a t i v e 

E f f i c i e n t 

P e r s o n a l   d e v e l o p m e n t 

T e a m w o r k

It is an acronym describing our company culture. We ACCEPT students who are the end of their studies and who want to develop in a fast-growing environment, that want day-to-day challenges, and of course, foreign clients. They are our challenge as well since our goal is always to make them great programmers.

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